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About Us

With a humble beginning in the year 2003 our flagship company Drugs Drop Ship, one of the best Pharmaceutical Group of Companies, has set its ground worldwide lately. Our offices, stores are spread across countries covering the vital part of the globe including USA, UK, India, and Mauritius.

The Vision of DrugsDropShip

Contentment: We satisfy our customers in order processing (data filling, payment gateway procedures, and more), timely delivery of product (medicines), and the quality of the product (good, unexpired, unused, and genuine drugs).

Discounted Rate: Our medical product prices are quite reasonable, competitive, and affordable by majority of customers. We do provide discount on two occasions, one at peak season and another to regular customers. Do visit our website, call, or query regarding discounts and offers.

Goodwill: We take utmost care and make healthy relationship with our customers so as to create customer goodwill, thereby making them our permanent visitors of our website for order placement, feedback, and satisfied reviews.

The Mission of DrugsDropShip

Availability: We provide services round the clock (24x7) through our website to global users. Availability, everytime and everywhere.

Accessibility: We provide complete online facility and accessible via email, chat, or call. Accessibility, anytime and anywhere.

Quality: We take utmost care to keep a quality check of our shipping product and provide genuine, good-quality medicines from renowned, trustworthy vendors.

Teamwork: We work in team and has strong customer support base, shipping department so as to satisfy your query and shipping status.

The Storage and Handling By DrugsDropShip

We follow the FDA rules to store and handle prescription drugs that include:

Facilities: We use storage facility that conform to the norms including copious space and clean, ventilated, and infestation free controlled environment for warehousing of the prescription drugs. We have quarantine area to discard outdated and expired drugs to be disposed off on regular basis.

Security: The warehouse is completely secured from the outside access and are constantly being monitored.

Storage: The drugs are properly packed and stored in appropriate temperature, humidity, and lighting so as to preserve the purity, strengths, and quality of drugs. The details of each drug is maintained in database for easy search, update, and for future record keeping.

Examination: Before packaging the medicines, the drugs are thoroughly examined for contamination, damage, or expiry.

Policies: We have written policies to safeguard your privacy and our loyalty. We follow strict shipment and return policy so as to facilitate users for further order placement and control litigations.